Typsnitt kan vara riktigt dyra att använda, om du har ett globalt företag med en massa användare. Därför har Netflix tagit fram ett eget.

Typsnittet heter Netflix Sans och utvecklats av Noah Nathan på Netflix.

Typsnittet ska vara både för ”display” och ”funktion” enligt Noha.

Han skriver:

”With the global nature of Netflix’s business, font licensing can get quite expensive. Developing this typeface not only created an ownable and unique element for the brand’s aesthetic (moving Netflix away from Gotham, which is widely used in the entertainment industry), but saves the company millions of dollars a year as foundries move towards impression-based licensing for their typefaces in many digital advertising spaces.

Cocopanda rabattkod

The unique characteristics of the typeface were chosen very carefully as it is meant to serve both display and functional purposes. The clean and neutral lines give without taking, favoring art over distraction, and eliminating excess. The arched cut on the lowercase “t” is discreetly inspired by the cinemascopic curve that is so iconic to the brand’s wordmark and symbol.”